Frequently asked questions

Do duck eggs taste the same as chicken eggs?

Duck eggs taste pretty much the same as chicken eggs. The eggs and yolks are larger, and they have a higher nutrient level.

Are your ducks given antibiotics and/or hormones?

No, our ducks are not given antibiotics or hormones. In addition, they are not given any chemicals to enhance productivity.

How long do ducks eggs keep?

Ducks eggs will keep for about 2 weeks if room tempature, or 6 weeks if refrigerated.

How do I use a duck egg?

Duck eggs can be used in the same ways as a chicken egg. We highlight that they will especially elevate your results when baking cakes, cookies, or even your sunday morning pancakes, but if you feel like trying an omelet or soft scrambled then go right ahead and enjoy the tasty difference. Just watch your cooking time more closely if you decide to fry the duck egg, as they cook faster due to their higher protein content.

My egg seems to be dirty and/or colored?

We have an industiral egg cleaner that uses a high pH solution to disinfect after we have sorted out the cracked or damaged eggs. We do not use bleach which means the eggs can be brown, spotted, or white.

Frequently Asked Questions